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I provide career resources and coaching for strippers and other sex workers who are looking to transition onto a new career path. 

And let's be clear: this is no veiled "rescue" operation.  If you're voluntarily working in the industry, making your money and just doing what you do, then keep on keepin' on.  But maybe some of this has been on your mind lately:

  • You aren't 'out' about your sex work and it's gotten to be too stressful, trying to hide it from family and friends.

  • Or, as harsh as it sounds, the bulk of the adult industry (like our society in general) is very much geared toward youth and all that goes with it.  Are those prime days soon to be behind you and you need an exit strategy?

  • Perhaps the initial plan was to do this 'just for a while' and now waaaayy too much time has rolled past and you're no closer to your original goal?

  • You're just plain burned out!  You're tired of the grind, literally and figuratively, tired of having to deal with people who don't understand or dodge people who want you locked up just because of how you make your living.

Whatever the reason, if you're ready to start looking at a new direction, then I'm your girl.

Career transitioning can be tricky and overwhelming for anyone, but there are definitely special considerations for those coming from the adult industry as the social stigma of sex work is very much alive and well.  This does NOT mean you're stuck!  You can make a change and find a career that is rewarding, progressive and puts you on whichever new path you choose to pursue.

How do I know?  Because I've done it myself.  I know the challenges of keeping a career as a stripper a secret both before and during my transition into a mainstream career.  Since then, I've been fortunate enough to work in several professions, most recently enjoying a long, successful career in Human Resources.  I have a wealth of career knowledge that I can share to help you get to that next step.  I'm committed to making that happen and I'll do it confidentially and with a sense of humor.

Let's take a look at what I can do for YOU.  Click below: