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Initial Consultation

As you've seen, I offer a free 30-minute initial phone consultation. This allows me to get a general overview of your current situation, your background and where you want to go.  It will also give you a chance to see what my personality is like and if you think I'm the right coach for you (which you totally will).

If, for whatever reason you decide not to proceed at that time, no problem!  Your information is completely secure and will not be shared with anyone at any time.  If you decide to work with me at a later date, we'll see if anything has changed from the initial consult and go from there.

Full Coaching Session

A 60-minute coaching session is $150 and I offer 20% off for 2 or more sessions purchased at the same time, for the same client.  When you do request a full hour session, I will send you a Letter of Agreement and a welcome email that will contain some information to help you prepare.  During the hour, we will have an in-depth discussion of the following:

  • What you're doing now and specifics regarding what you want to change
  • Your current skill set, proclivities and how those can translate into your desired new role
  • The challenges you feel you're facing in making this transition

Then comes the exciting part, because this is where we discuss ACTION.  

  • I'll provide an initial plan for you to move toward transition. This may include suggestions, insight, resources or specific advice that will allow you to start seeing your next steps clearly and move in the right direction.  
  • I will also provide you with a summary of our discussion along with additional information that will help you to expand your plan.


While it is my goal to make sure that you have actionable items to work with after one coaching session, the best results are usually seen after 3-4.  

Sessions are fully customized.  Everyone is different and your situation is not exactly like anyone else's, so you will have to decide what works for you in regards to your financial investment, your time investment and what you really want to get out of this coaching process.  What I can promise you is that while we are working together, you will have my full discretion, my focus and my commitment to truly helping you to make a change in your professional life.